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domingo, 11 de octubre de 2015

A great shot of #Brooklyn #brownstones via @cestchristine #NYC

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A beautiful shot of the #NewYork #skyline at #sunset by @juliantphoto

Morning #NYC! A view of the #skyline from Jersey City, where's your favorite vantage point for great views?

#GreenwichVillage is one of the most famous neighborhoods in #NYC. Check out our guide! http://bit.ly/1vqA3c2 pic.twitter.com/RY6i6hfza7

jueves, 1 de octubre de 2015

Fotos de New York.......................Parte 1

Bushwick, Brooklyn earlier this evening.
Sunset on the beach at Coney Island. Brooklyn, New York City.

While the last of summer’s sun pours itself onto the earth touching the ocean with its warmth, autumn waits with baited breath lingering above in the blue of the sky.


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Sunset on the beach at Coney Island. Brooklyn, New York City.
East Village - New York City - Saturday 🎨
East Village - New York City